9 Best Telugu Horror Movies on OTT Platforms

10 Best Telugu Horror Movies on OTT Platforms: There are countless Best Telugu Horror Movies in Telugu released in the last decade, Some of them are routine comedy horror stories while others are versatile that makes the audience feel creepy and at the same time generates excitement. You might think that horror are natural adversaries, as far as genres go.

9 Best Telugu Horror Movies on OTT Platforms

One is about scaring you with monsters and theatrical ambiance, and the other is about delighting you with goofs and funny skits. Both genres are essentially trying to surprise the audience, after all, whether that surprise results in tears of laughter or paralyzing fear. So here are some surprisingly 9 Best Telugu Horror Movies on OTT Platforms for your fall reading pleasure:

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9 Best Telugu Horror Movies on OTT Platforms

#1 Bhaagamathie

Bhaagamathie is a 2018 Indian thriller film written and directed by G. Ashok. The films stars Anushka Shetty in the titular role while Jayaram (in his Telugu debut), Unni Mukundan, Murali Sharma, and Asha Sarath play other pivotal roles. Shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, the film revolves around a former district collector imprisoned in a haunted house. At the same time, she is interrogated by law enforcers investigating a politician they suspect of corruption.

OTT Platform: ZEE5

#2 Kanchana 3

Raghava is a young man who lives happily with his family but is scared of ghosts. When he visits Coimbatore with his family, he is possessed by a vengeful ghost with a sinister past.

OTT Platform: ZEE5

#3 Pisachi

Bhavani, a teenager, loses her life in an accident. However, she continues to haunt Siddharth, the man who tried to save her life and drives him to uncover the identity of the culprit who killed her.

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

#4 Kaashmora

Kaashmora, a fraudster, gets locked inside a haunted bungalow, along with his family. The house has many ghosts who will only let the family leave if they fulfill their wishes.

OTT Platform: ZEE5

#5 Padamoodu

Manohar, along with his family, moves into a new apartment on the 13th floor. However, their peace is disturbed by a spirit that uses the television set as a medium to communicate with them.

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

#6 Nishabdham

When a world-renowned cello player is found dead in a house that is assumed to be haunted, his well-wishers and the authorities investigate to see if it is really the work of a supernatural being.

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

#7 Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada

Arjun falls in love with a woman who reminds him of his former lover who leaves him without giving any reason. When he goes to look for her, he finds out that she was possessed by a spirit, Amala.

OTT Platform: Voot

#8 Abhinetri

Krishna, who wants a modern girl as his wife, is forced to marry Devi, a village belle. But strange things happen when he discovers that his wife wants to become an actress. Abhinetri No 1 was released on Oct 06, 2016 . This movie is 1 hr 50 min in duration and is available in Hindi language. Prabhu Deva, Sonu Sood, Tamannaah Bhatia, Esha Gupta, Farah Khan, Murli Sharma, Rajiv Thakur and Joy Mathew are playing as the star cast in this movie. You can watch the movie online on SonyLiv, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Abhinetri No 1 is available in Comedy, Horror and Dubbed genres.

OTT Platform: SonyLiv

#9 Avunu 2

Leaving behind their bitter past, Mohini and Harsha move to a different city. But little do they know that an evil spirit from their past has followed them throughout. Avunu 2 is a 2015 Indian Telugu-language horror thriller film written, directed, and produced by Ravi Babu. A sequel to the 2012 film Avunu, the film stars Poorna and Harshvardhan Rane who reprise their roles from the original with a new cast including Sanjjanaa and Nikita Thukral. The story takes place immediately after the events of Avunu.

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

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