Akhanda TRP Ratings Star Maa | Latest TV Telecast Ratings

Akhanda TRP Rating: This film, Akhanda, is a box office smash in Telugu cinema. is well-known, and it provoked significant resentment in the Telugu-speaking community for being unfair to them. On the other hand, Balakrishna’s film Akhanda was a critical and commercial triumph. After Simha, Legend, and Akhanda, Balakrishna and Boyapapati make an excellent pairing.

Akhanda TRP RatingAkhanda’s television premiere aired last night, April 10, 2022, on Star MAA. According to sources, the image set a new TRP high. When Akhanda was released, it had a TRP of 23.2 in standard definition and 25.3 in high definition, which was both respectable TRPs at the time.
Dwaraka Creations is a portfolio of Dwaraka’s work. The film was produced by Dwaraka Creations and stars Balakrishna and Pragya Jaiswal in key roles. Boyapati Srinu directed the film, while Ram Prasad served as cinematographer. The soundtrack was composed by Thaman S.

Akhanda TRP Ratings Star Maa | Latest TV Telecast Ratings

Akhanda, starring Balakrishna and Boyapati, was a box office smash. The action and background music have been lauded. However, the picture grossed around 55 crores in the pre-release period and approximately 60 crores worldwide. The Akhanda creators are confident in their work enough to consider a sequel.

Akhanda TRP Rating Star Maa

According to sources, the Akhanda TV premieres took place yesterday in both SD and HD, and the film achieved a TRP of 23.2 and 25.3, respectively. It’s fortunate that this form of TRP has not been identified previously. This indicates that this is a favorable development. Since director Boyapati stated this in an interview, everyone has been anticipating the sequel. Before we can do anything, we must await the arrival of the high-budget sequel.

Telecast No TRP Rating
1st Time – 25.3
2nd Time
3rd Time
4th Time
5th Time
6th Time
7th Time
8th Time
9th Time
10th Time

Akhanda Satellite Rights

It was acquired by Disney+Hotstar and Star MAA, and the picture has been a box office success. Despite this, the film’s pre-release revenue has exceeded 56 crore rupees.

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