Deepthi Sunaina Movies List in Telugu 2022

Deepthi Sunaina Movies List in Telugu 2021: Deepthi Sunaina is a Social Media famous personality and actress in Tollywood, she has gained popularity with her dubsmash videos in her Instagram and Bigg Boss 2 entry. She has more than 2 million followers on various social media accounts. Her cover songs for Telugu albums are very popular and took her a lot of fame on YouTube.

Deepthi Sunaina Movies List

Besides doing dance videos and Dubsmash videos, she proved herself with her acting talent through many short Films on YouTube. Her Telugu short films like Seetha I’m Not A Virgin, Aliaa Khan are the most trended Short Films. Also, her cover songs “Rowdy Baby”, “Rangamma Mangamma”, “Chustu Chustune Rojulu Gadiche” have received millions of views.

Deepthi Sunaina Movies List in Telugu

She is one of the most talented aspiring actress in Tollywood looking for right opportunities. She made her Tollywood debut with Kirrak Party (2018). Coming to her personal life, her relation with Shanmukh Jaswanth is the highly searched query about her on Google. On this page, we are going to look at the Deepthi Sunaina Movies List in Telugu, Deepthi Sunaina Movies in Telugu and a lot more.

Aliaa Khan (2019)

The Story of a girl fighting for a female education rights. story of that one girl who inspired million other girls. She is a warrior of life who never gave up, no matter how difficult the battle was. Her name is ALIAA KHAN!

Kirrak Party (2018)

In Kirrak Party Telugu remake she played a friend role to Heroine. This is the debut film for Deepthi Sunaina.

Seetha I’m Not A Virgin (2017)

Seetha I’m Not A Virgin is a Telugu short film directed by Kaushik Babu starring Shanmuk Jaswanth, Deepthi Sunayana, Ratna Kumar in lead roles. This has got more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Deepthi Sunaina Movies in Telugu

She is a social media sensation and popular for her cover songs and dancing videos. Many Tollywood Heroines are big fans of Deepthi Sunaina. Her expressions and dance moments speaks everything about her talent. Let us have a look into the Deepthi Sunaina Telugu movies and Deepthi Sunaina upcoming movies list till 2021.

Year Movie Name Language
2019 Aliaa Khan (Short Film) Telugu
2018 Kirrak Party Telugu
2017 Seetha I’m Not A Virgin (Short Film) Telugu

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